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Murdock News - Sept 16, 2020

Welcome to Murdock

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Glimpse into Murdock History

Continuing with our new series to the weekly news.

During the 1950s Pastor Heim would document his home visits with parishioners by taking a photo. These are no ordinary photos, but COLOR photographs. In the 1950s this was almost unheard of then. It was cutting edge "technology". Thank you to Ramona Oehlerking for the video/images.

Since harvest is just around the corner I thought these photos would be a wonderful glimpse on how labor-intensive harvest was in the 1950s.

Floyd WIlliams shelling

Thanks to Bonnie Brutiig we have some background on the below images from last week.
Years ago there used to be many family fun events at the school like those pictured here. There were carnivals, cakewalks, box socials, womenless weddings, plays, and all sorts of musical performances. 
If not already identified, 2 of the women below I believe are Onneatta Rikli and Rosalyn Backemeyer. 

Adult Game at school

The MC in both pictures is my father, Jess Stock, and the man in the inner tubes I believe is Rich Sock (Donna's husband).  

Adult Game at school2

If you have historical or interesting photos of Murdock you would like to share please email them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Weekly Inspiration Thank you to Ramona for sending me these quotes. They are are very pretty. Murdock Historical Photos RamonaQuotes4

Murdock Playground WILL Be a Reality

The kids of Murdock, NE are dreaming of a new playground.

We are asking for your support in making
that playground dream a reality for Murdock, and creating a safe and fun place for kids to play and for families to gather. Please consider making this important investment in our future. A playground provides a safe and exciting place for children (and our community) to grow!

So far, we have received about $17,000 in donations for the park!

Our goal is to raise $50,000. We still have a few options left that you can donate towards, as well as any general amount toward the general fund.


 Please share this with those you feel would be interested in donating.

Name the Park, Investment of $20,000

Will include a ribbon-cutting ceremony, article in the weekly community newsletter, and customized signage at the park.

Donate the main structure, $15,000
Donate the swings, Investment of $2,500
Donate the spinner, Investment of $2,500

We understand budgets are tight and you may get flooded with requests for donations, but we would like you to consider supporting the village of Murdock. Your contribution would make a huge difference in our efforts, and bring us that much closer to our goal!

Our sponsors will proudly be displayed on our permanent custom playground sign, acknowledged at ribbon-cutting ceremony, and mentioned in the weekly community newsletter. You will also have a front-row seat for the ceremony!

Remember, all contributions are tax-exempt (tax ID 346683).

Donations can be mailed to:PO Box 308,

Murdock, NE, 68407.

If you have any questions please feel free to call Kristi at 402-314-5957 or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Thank you for considering our request, and for helping us make our fundraising goals and playground dreams a reality. 

EMKnights Banner

This week our Student of the Week Winner is Rylee Hogue.

She is a senior at Elmwood Murdock
High School. Her activities include speech, One Act, golf, quiz bowl, science club, choir, FBLA,
and serves as a teacher’s assistant during her school day. She is the daughter of Keri and Mark

StudentweekWitte 91620
She was nominated for these reasons:
- She ranks first academically in her class
- She works hard and is competitive with her peers against other schools
- She has a daily positive impact on her peers and teachers
- She plans to attend a 4-year college and major in engineering or education with a
minor in Spanish

Rylee, Keri, and Mark are invited to stop by either of our clinics in Plattsmouth or
Louisville, call (402.234.3333) or email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) to claim
their Witte Physical Therapy swag!
Our next Student of the Week winner will be announced on September 23, 2020.


EMSchoolWebsite 2018

 Check out the calendar on the Elmwood Website   


TrinityBanner Newsletter

Trinity Lutheran Murdock is returning to more of a normal schedule. Last week was the first week Sunday School was held in person. Masks were in use, and the kids moved up into their new classes.

 Divine Services (with social distancing)

8:00 am Divine Service 

9:15 am - Sunday School for children and adults

10:30 am Divine Service

Contact Pastor Kuhlman via text, email or phone call (402-867-4048 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) for a seating assignment. 

Pastors sermons can be watched on The Trinity Lutheran Church Murdock Vimeo Channel

Listen to the weekly sermon anytime at Pastor Brent Kuhlman's Blog 

 Elmwood-Murdock Area News 

Advertisement for Food bank 2020 page0001 1

2020 Thank You for facebook 1


 Elmwood Christian Church

Virtual Sunday Services via Zoom. Stay in touch with your congregational members.

Come on in at 9:30 am for some socializing and catching up.

Service starts at 10:00 am VOLUNTEER BUTTON BITSb.pub

Elmwood Farmers Market

We have had a LOT of questions on how long the Farmers Market will continue.

The signs say October, but is it the first of October or the end of October?

gourds 949112 640

 Well, it really depends on the weather and how many vendors continue to set up on Saturday mornings. 

Do you have pumpkins, gourds, or fall wreaths? 

Maybe you have corn stalks for decorating, baked pies, and apples??

Wear your fall hoodies, sell hot chocolate, apple cider, and maybe even have a special Halloween weekend edition with special "Trunk N' Treat" for the kids. 

What do you think? Who is interested?


For the latest news from our vendors

Join our Facebook group and stay up to date on who will be showcasing their produce, baked goods, and other items. 

  Cass County News  

Avoca Garage Sales 9 19 20SM

KCCB event Plattsmouth


 ---------------------2017 03 30 CCMT xx

211 Main St.
Louisville, NE

$4 SHOW admission for all ages over 13.
Sunday, September 20, Plum Tuckered Band, 2 pm

FREE admittance for all under 13!


Sunday, September 20, Plum Tuckered Band, 2 pm

For more information, call 800-480-8797, ext. 211, and leave a message or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..




(Editorial by Patricia Zeigler, Editor, MurrayNebraska.com)


General Election: November 3, 2020

If you have any questions regarding elections, registering to
vote, filing for office, or working as an election worker,
contact the election office at:

201 Main Street
Plattsmouth, NE 68048

Call: (402) 296-9309 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 2020 08 04 Election Office sign

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 


There are really NO EXCUSES for failing to vote.  You have to work that day?  No excuse.  Don't have a babysitter?  No excuse.  You don't want to go out in a crowd?  No excuse.  Do you know that any Nebraska resident who is a LEGALLY REGISTERED VOTER may request an EARLY-VOTING BALLOT APPLICATION, (also known as an 'ABSENTEE' ballot)? You don't even need to have a reason, (or an excuse), for the request! 

One excellent reason for voting by absentee is the weather.  An ice or snowstorm, heavy winds or torrential rains could possibly keep you from physically voting on the actual Election Day.  No worries about that with your mail-in vote either. 

Do you need another good reason for voting by mail? You might get sick and cannot physically go to your polling place.

The following should help you save time:   

  • Cass County NE voters may print the Early Voting Ballot Application HERE.  
  • OR call your local Election Office and ask for one to be mailed to you.  In Cass County NE, that's 402-296-9309.
  • OR in Cass County NE, there is a box located outside the building where you can just pick one up. You may also pick one up at the Election Office inside.  The address is 201 Main Street, Plattsmouth, NE, (white building southeast of the flagpole).

Accurately, completely fill out the form.   Include your name, residence address, phone number, mailing address you want the ballot sent to and your signature.  Even if you do the automatic fill-in form online, you still need to SIGN IT after you print it.  Mail it right away or take it to the Cass County NE Election Office and drop it in the box outside on the southwest wall of the building.

 On September 28th ballots will start to be sent out and you should receive yours shortly thereafter.

So get your Early Voting Ballot Application form filled-out now, before the big rush.  The last day to request an Early Voting Bal

lot to be mailed to you is October 23rd.

Just do it now.  Election Day will be here before you know it! 

For more information: NEBRASKA SECRETARY of STATE 


Cass County NE Voters can also check HERE.


2020 08 04 Election Office Forms boxes

Next to the Cass County Election Office door you'll see two sets of forms, one on the right for Voter Registration and on the left, the Early Voting Forms.

2020 08 05 Election Office note

After they're filled out and signed, you may take them inside, mail them, or drop them in the 'Ballot Box' around the corner of the building, to the right of the big Election Office sign.

2020 08 05 Election Office Ballot Box

------------------------- ---------------------------------

GP imp082920

Sarpy auction inventory >>

 GP auc091620online

On-line bidding opens September 16-22


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Methodist dinner


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