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Meeting Minutes- August 4, 2020



AUGUST 4, 2020

The Village Board of Trustees met in regular session on Tuesday, August 4, 2020 at 7:30 p.m. at the Village Hall.   Roll call as follows;  Kristi McHugh,  John Stroy, Jake Wilson, Travis Olson, Matt Fritz,  and Clerk were all present.  Several residents were also present.

The minutes from the previous meeting were read and then on a motion made by Fritz and second by McHugh were approved by a roll call vote all voting “aye”.

The following bills were approved for payment; St of NE Dept. of Revenue-336.19;  U.S. Treasury-836.01;  St of NE Dept. Revenue-90.72;  Windstream-333.04;  J. Barnes-1187.42;  Postmaster-83.40;  Constellation Energy-42.27;  OPPD-960.33;  Ashland Disposal-2387.00;  Black Hills Energy-14.97;  St. of NE PHE Lab-15.00;  Todd Valley Heating & Plumbing-134.56;  Lee Enterprises-39.86;  Stock Seed-17.40;  J. Faubion-150.00;  C. Wilson-225.00;  K. McHugh-70.00;  Cass Co. RWD#2-5103.75;  Young & White Law Offices-462.50;  League of NE Municipalities-551.00.  

Village residents attended the meeting to discuss the need for rock and maintenance work in alley ways behind their properties for access to garages and parking.  Board members will see how much rock is needed in the alley between Kansas and Colorado from first to second street.  Extensive grading needs done for proper water drainage between Nebraska and Iowa from first to second street and possible re-purpose of this rock to the other alleyway to end the mud problem and smooth the rutted areas and also the alley extending between second and third street between Nebraska and Iowa Streets.

Discussion was held concerning the certified letters that were mailed out to Residents that had not yet complied with removing of junk, inoperable, unlicensed vehicles from their residential properties after the first mailing that was mailed to all residents along with the dog license letters.  Olson gave updates from these individuals after communicating with them to let the board know of their time frame of when they would be able to comply so no fees would be applied as long as they continue to communicate with the board until the vehicles were removed.    

Street maintenance is still needing done and the Board is still waiting to hear back for bids.   Sewer work on 5th street is tentatively set for February 2021.

The Board will talk to the Frontier Co-op to see if the rotten corn can be cleaned up to remove the smell from the flat storage bunker.

There, being no further business, motion was made by Olson and second by Wilson that the meeting close and the next regular meeting will reconvene on Tuesday, September 1, 2020 at 7:30 p.m. at the Murdock Village Hall and it carried unanimously by RCV.

______________________                                                              ____________________________                                                        Jacqueline A. Barnes                                                                                    John Stroy

       Clerk/Treasurer                                                                                            Chairman


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